三國青玉出師表(後半部)銘文鳳榖紋出廓玉璧,高度68.5公分, 圓直徑45.8公分厚1.2公分

Webp.net-gifmaker (85)本器和田青玉雙面雕琢,形制為鏤空出廓玉璧。出廓部分上方中央施圓形鏤空變體龍紋, 兩側施回首鳳紋。玉璧一面分兩層, 外層飾變體龍鳳紋, 內層飾榖紋; 另一面飾部分出師表『大小, 悉以咨之, 然後施行, 必能裨補闕漏, 有所廣益, 將軍向寵, 性行淑均, 曉暢軍事, 試用之於昔日, 先帝稱之曰能, 是以衆議舉寵爲督, 愚以爲營中之事,悉以咨之, 必能使行陣和睦, 優劣得所, 親賢臣,遠小人,此先漢所以興隆也; 親小人,遠賢臣, 此後漢所以傾頹也, 先帝在時,每與臣論此事, 未嘗不歎息痛恨於桓靈也, 侍中,尚書,長史參軍』後段篆體銘文。本器多處紋飾邊緣存在以管鑽進行游絲毛雕為之的痕跡。本器紋飾神秘華麗, 刀工精美, 佐以出師表銘文, 歷史文化價值鉅大, 本器古玉跡象有擴散暈沁色,冰裂紋及差異風化等。(台灣頤和園博物館藏品, 陳明杰鑑賞並撰文)

in the palace, could be scrutinized by them before the execution, and then
there shouldn’t be any errors. General Shang Chong is a virtuous person with plenty of military knowledge. The late emperor praised him able when he was in his probation period. Thus everyone suggested he be the marshal. I think you could entrust him to manage everything in the army and he must be able to consolidate all soldiers and arrange a due post for each one. Getting along with the wise and virtuous courtiers and leaving away the vile and pleasing people, that’s how the West Han Dynasty rose.
Getting along with latter and leaving away the former, that’s why the East Han Dynasty fell. Whenever the late Emperor talked about it with me, he always repented of what Emperor Hwan and Emperor Ling had done. The ministers, vice ministers, administrators, and staff are all loyal and virtuous courtiers.( the following not shown ) I wish you could believe and trust them, and the imperial family of Han will rise again in the near future.

I was just a common farmer cultivating alone in Nan-Yang. I just wished to survive in such a chaotic world without being known to any princes. The late emperor didn’t care about my humble background and degraded himself to visit my shabby hut three times in person to ask me about the situation under the heaven. I was so grateful to him that I promised him to devote myself to him for all my life to return his grace. Later, since we were seriously defeated and nearly terminated twenty-one years ago, I have
been assigned the position of the general military advisor. The former emperor knew I am prudent, thus he entrusted me the important missions when he was passing away. Since the grand assignment, for every day and night, in fear of staining the late emperor’s reputation, I have been worried if I fulfill the mission which the late emperor entrusted me. This May we crossed the Lu River and marched into the deep sterile field. Now the south is all pacified, and the arms and soldiers are both fully
recruited, it’s time that I, with all my endeavors, lead the troops northward to regain the central land, expulse the vile villains, restore the Han Dynasty, and resettle in the ancient capital. This is all I could do to return the late emperor’s grace and fulfill the position you grant to me. When it comes to weighing the benefit of the loss and advising, Yo-Chi, Yi, and Yun will take their responsibility. I wish you could entrust me the mission of eliminating all the national rascals. If I fail
to achieve it, I’m willing to take the punishment to console the soul of the late emperor. If Yo-Chi, Yi, and Yun fail to well advice, they should also be punished to demonstrate their mistakes. And your imperial majesty, you should also speculate for yourself and accept all good advice to follow the edict the late emperor left to you. I couldn’t be more grateful to your and the late emperor’s favor. Now I’m leaving, in front of this manifesto with tears on my face, I don’t know what I’ve said.)( Peace Garden Museum Taiwan Collection, Scripts by Prof. Chen)

<易經>生生之謂易. <The Text of Yi King>Production and reproduction is what is called (the process of ) change.

三國青玉出師表(前半部)銘文龍鳳紋出廓玉璧,高度106公分, 圓直徑58公分厚1.3公分


本器和田青玉雙面雕琢,形制為鏤空出廓玉璧。出廓部分鏤空四龍紋,玉璧一面分三層, 外層飾鳳紋, 人物, 馬車內層飾格劍, 狩獵紋, 中央施鏤空鳳紋; 另一面飾部分出師表『先帝創業未半,而中道崩殂﹔今天下三分,益州疲弊,此誠危急之秋也。然侍衛之臣不懈於內﹔忠志之士忘身於外者,蓋追先帝之殊遇,欲報之於陛下也。誠宜開張聖聽,以光先帝遺德,恢弘志士之氣﹔不宜妄自菲薄,引喻失義,以塞忠諫之路也。宮中府中,俱為一體,陟罰臧否,不宜異同,若有作奸犯科及為忠善者,宜付有司,論其刑賞,以昭陛下平明之理﹔不宜偏私,使內外異法也。侍中、侍郎郭攸之、費禕、董允等,此皆良實,志慮忠純,是以先帝簡拔以遺陛下:愚以為宮中之事,事無大小』前段篆體陽線銘文。本器多處紋飾邊緣存在以管鑽進行游絲毛雕為之的痕跡。本器紋飾神秘華麗, 刀工精美, 佐以出師表銘文, 歷史文化價值鉅大, 本器古玉跡象有擴散暈沁色,冰裂紋及差異風化等。(台灣頤和園博物館藏品, 陳明杰鑑賞並撰文)WeChat-圖片_20190120001855

The late emperor passed away before accomplishing half of his feat. The world is presently divided into three while Sichuan is sterile and ravaged now, and this is indeed the critical moment for our survival! The guarding courtiers never relax in the palace, and the loyal officials are all devoted to the battlefield. They contribute themselves to your imperial majesty in memory of the late emperor’s exceptional grace to them. Thus, your imperial majesty, you should open your ears and listen to them
to glorify the late emperor’s legacy of virtue as well as to enhance the morale of these loyal courtiers, and your majesty, you shouldn’t look down on yourself, neither should you block their advice with the distorted analogies. The palace and the office of the prime minister are in unity. There shouldn’t be any discriminations among the rewarding to the virtuous and the punishment for those who make mistakes. Both the criminals and the virtuous should be dispatched to their due places for the treatment
which they deserve in order to highlight your equal and just governance. Therefore, your imperial majesty, you shouldn’t favor anyone and differentiate the laws within and without the palace. The high secretary and the vice ministers, Guo Yo-Chi, Fei Yi and Dong Yun are all righteous and honest with a pure and loyal mind. They were all promoted by the late emperor to aid you. I think every affair, whether important or trivial,( Peace Garden Museum Taiwan Collection, Scripts by Prof. Chen)