Warring States Jade Eagle Stand


xia (1)Carved with white jade, this jade eagle stand has a design style full of Shang Dynasty flavor. Both the back and the chest of the eagle are decorated with Shang Dynasty hook notched weapon. Different from typical round design, the wings are decorated with inverse V shape sharp blade on which square cloud and connected cloud motif with incise line are decorated. The whole body are also decorated with connected square thunder motif following the Xia Dynasty. A baby eagle with the head head facing down is sitting under the belly of the mother. The whole object has a mysterious atmosphere in addition to special artistic design.

商代幾何紋淺浮雕玉樽, Shang Dynasty Jade Vase, H.48cm

2016-4-28-e596aee59c96-591本器稱玉樽或稱玉壼, 灰白玉雕琢, 頸部與腹部比例約二比三, 頸部較細, 紋飾區分為五部分; 依次為高低起伏蔓藤紋淺浮雕, 圓圈淺浮雕, 山形淺浮雕, 菱形淺浮雕,壼腹較為寬闊, 紋飾可區分為四部分;依次為抽象化神面淺浮雕, 銅錢形鍊,多重幾何紋淺浮雕等. 壼頸與壼腹接觸處左右各有一穿孔執耳.此玉壼可能是乘酒器,與商代多種青銅酒器代表了商代祭祀與戎的文化, 一般商代器物的研究認為玉器係模仿青銅器, 但本器的存在, 足以推翻此種看法.本器雕工精美, 紋飾特殊,堪稱商代玉器的重器.

1 (1)Shang Dynasty Jade  Vase, H.48cm. Carved with white jade, the  vase neck and vase belly has a proportion of two to three. The motifs have divided into five sections. From top to bottom, low relief motifs of plant, circle, mountain, diamond shape are decorated in sequence. Between the neck and belly have handles on both sides. This vase may be used as wine container. The wine containers may be the physical objects representing the Shang Dynasty cultures emphasizing wars and worships. The wine containers in the context of war are used to celebrate the victory of war. While in the context of worship, the containers are used to store wine to dedicate to the Deities. In the time span discussion, some theories of the originality of jade artifacts claim that bronze wares came before jade objects may not be true considering the sophisticate jade works of the Shang Dynasty.

Sanxingdui Culture Jade Priest, H.36cm, 1st revision

2016-4-28-e596aee59c96-49-1 (1)本器白55db3c51t537c67994cfe (1)玉雕琢, 祭司立於淨水器之上。 祭司戴高聳冠帽c58bf421gx6c8izrs9p79690mmmmm, 雙耳成三角形, 雙手轉化為鳳鳥羽毛, 有羽化昇天之意。 淨水器本身最上層為一可盛水之圓盤, 其下方為頂住圓盤之龍首鳳身體, 最下層則為頂住底座之臥馬。 本器設計巧妙, 刀工精美流暢, 古玉跡象有石灰沁, 為罕見難得之三星堆玉器。Sanxingdui Culture Jade Priest, H.36cm. Carved with white jade, the object is composed of three structures: the priest, the water container and the supporting stand. The priest is standing on the water container, wearing a crown with three tall structures. The two arms of the priest are decorated with bird’s wings to symbolize his ability to fly. There is an eye shape object to symbolize his ability to see everywhere. the water container decorated with leaves motif on the outer wall. The container is used to store water for hand cleaning before worship to God.  Decorated with four dragons, the stand is further  supported by four crouching horses.(Lower right images are Sanxingdui Culture bronze priest facing two different directions. Both the jade priest and the bronze priest have similar design and both have the eye decoration at the chest.)