中華民族是一個愛玉的民族. 中國古玉的歷史可以遠朔至八千年前興隆窪文化時期. 古代中國人將君子比德於玉, 對玉的鍾愛, 可見一斑. 許慎說文解字云: 「玉, 石之美, 有五德者. 潤澤以溫, 仁之方也. 鰓理自外, 可以知中, 義之方也; 其聲舒揚, 專以遠聞, 智之方也; 不撓而折, 勇之方也; 鋭廉不忮, 絜之方也.」

古玉的收藏涵蓋鑒定, 鑒價及鑒賞三大領域; 古玉的鑒定不祇要探索玉器的歷史淵源, 還要從科學的角度確認古玉的跡象; 古玉的鑒賞不僅從器物的角度審美, 還要從審美的意象中去觀想人生的哲理; 古玉的價值, 也不應祇是以其市場的價格為依歸, 而應該融入古玉的內涵, 以提升觀賞者的精神層面, 建立和諧及包容的社會價值. 若能如此, 則中國古玉勢必能再現風華.

皇宮古玉齋所收錄之百件古玉係作者二十多年了從事中國古玉研究及收藏之成果,這些古玉之年代涵蓋紅山文化, 良渚文化,  齊家文化,  石家河文化,  松澤文化,  三星堆文化,  夏代,  商代,  周代, 春秋戰國, 秦代, 漢代,  唐代,  明清等.  這些古玉均為各時代之精品,  也自2006年起在作者古玉專業網站WWW.EXOTICJADES.COM發表.

陳明杰    謹識


The Chinese are a nation that has shown a great appreciation for jade. The jade history in China can be traced back as long as eight thousand years in the Xinglongwa Culture (6200-5400BCE ). The extent to the Chinese cherishes jade can be realized by the way the Chinese compare the quality of gentleman to that of jade.

According to the Book of the Analysis of Chinese Characters (說文解字 Shuo Wen Chieh Tzu) of Hsu Shen (許慎) in the Eastern Han dynasty( c. 100 BCE), a classic definition of jade’s lasting appeal

has been presented as follows: Jade is a stone of beauty which can be revealed in its five virtues: its luster produces a feeling of warmth, the virtue of humaneness; its translucence enables one to comprehend its inner markings, revealing the virtue of morality; its purity ensures the austere virtue which harms no one.

It is a great happiness to enjoy a jade object of good quality by watching its color, hearing its sound, touching its surface, and reasoning its vein development. The appreciation of jade artifacts should not be only on the historical aspect. More appreciation should be placed on the aesthetics the jade artifact presents.     The elegance of Chinese jade will be rediscovered if jade enjoyment can be matched with the final purpose to establish a harmonious society by following the virtues of jade.

A hundred pieces of Chinese antique jades here are the result of the author’s more than twenty years of study and collection. Periods covered are from Hongshan Culture, Liangzhu Culture, Qijia Culture, Sijiahe Culture, Songze Culture, Xia Dynasty, Shang Dynasty, Zhou Dynasty, Spring Autumn and Warring States, Chin Dynasty, Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, Ming &Qing Dynasty. These jades are among the best items of various periods and also have described in the author’s antique jades dedicated website WWW.EXOTICJADES.COM since 2006.

Prof. Ming-Chieh Chen

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