SiteMap - 2020-07-12T172707.560On this website, displayed are more than 500 pieces of rare Chinese antique jades covering the periods of neolithic periods and dynasties, most of them are not seen in any places else including public and private museums.  More than 900 blogs of detail descriptions are included.  Click The Chinese Antique Jades Knowledgebase to browse.

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Scientific  Jade (2)

Scientific  Jade Authentication
Hole Drilling Patterns
Material Identification(Medium authentication) of Jade
How to Authenticate Jade Artifacts Without Unearth Report?
How the sunlight, water, and earth affect the appearance of antique jade?

Jade Appraisal

A Proposed Scientific Jade Appraisal Method
How to Appraise Chinese Jade artifacts?
A Delphi Method approach for the Chinese antique jade appraisal
Jade Appraisal Criteria between Museums and Collectors are Different
A System Concept of Chinese Jade Appraisal

Jade Appreciation

Openwork carving style in Chinese antique jade
Chinese Jade Motifs for Constellations
Qing Dynasty Scene of The Great Yu’s Flood Control Jade Boulder 大禹治水圖
The ultimate goal of Chinese jade collection is to find out the truth of the legendary Ho’s Bi
The Ax of Xia Dynasty may be served as physical evidence of its agricultural development existence
The Essence of Chinese Jade Collection Should Be Rediscovered
A historical record of ancient Chinese measurement system reform
Images of Dragon Motif Evolution
Fire Motif on Jade Antiques
Ritual jade may serve as a medium to record an important event
Chinese Antique Collection is a Process of Learning and Patience
The Dragon Fish Iconography in Chinese Jade
“motherly love” is a major design theme in Chinese antique jades
The elephant is the symbol of peace in Chinese Antique Jade
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the Chinese Antique Jade Collection
Horn-shape cups of Persian and Han Dynasty
The conservation design concept shown by the Warring States Chinese antique jade lamp

Sanxingdui Culture (1600 BCE -221 BCE ) Jade

Sanxingdui Culture (1600 BCE -221 BCE ) Jade
Sanxingdui Culture Jade Priest, 三星堆玉祭司H.20cm
Sanxingdui Culture Priests, 三星堆文化祭司獻瑞 H.45cms
 Jade Head, H.19cm, W.12cm, 1400 grams
Sanxingdui Jade Statue Standing On Cong, H. 28cm, 1400grams
 Sanxingdui Culture Jade Knight on Camel三星堆駱駝騎士座, H.18.5cm


Hongshan Culture(c. 3500-2200 B.C.)
Liangzhu Culture (3400-2250 BC) Jades
Qijia Culture (2000 BC) Jade
Longshan Culture (2800 BCE -1700 BCE) Jade
 Songze culture Jade
Shijiahe Culture (2500 BCE-2000 BCE) Jade


Xia Dynasty (2183 BCE- 1751 BCE) Jade
Shang Dynasty (1766 BC-1122 BC) Jade
Western Zhou Dynasty (1122 BC-771 BC) Jade

Spring Autumn Period(771 to 476 BC) & Warring States(BC403-BC221) Jade

Han Dynasty(206 BC-220 AD) Jade
Tang Dynasty (AD 618-906) Jade
Ming and Qing Dynasties (A.D.1368-A.D.1911) Jade