The Liao Dynasty (AD.916 to AD.1123) Jades - 2020-08-04T195717.081

The Liao Dynasty (916 to 1123) coexisted with the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, imagesXixia and Northern Song Dynasty. Jin (1115 to 1234) coexisted with Northern Song, Southern Song, Xixia and Mongolia. The Liao and Jin are the state powers established by the Khitan and Jurchen nationalities in northern my country.

On the basis of inheriting the jade of Tang and Song Dynasties, Liaojin jade has made unprecedented new achievements. It has absorbed the essence of Han culture in art, added distinctive national characteristics, and paid attention to observing life, capturing the beauty of life, and depicting life. The dynamics of China and the United States have added a strong touch to the history of ancient Chinese jade culture.