Western Zhou Dynasty (1122 BCE-771BCE)

The Western Zhou Dynasty is noted for its ritual system. The royal court has given high priority on people’s living. Thrifty and simple life is cherished by the royal families. The society is in a harmony atmosphere. Raw jade consumption is set to the minimum since jade items are considered luxury. The most variety of jade artifacts in the Western Zhou imagesDynasty is small size jades or jade plaque animals such as deer, fish and dragon. The other major kind of jade forms are jade plaque with motifs of phoenix. The style of the carving for Western Zhou Dynasty is noted for its single and double slant incised carving which is known as the forty-five degree big slant carving and the technique has been discontinued after the Han dynasty. Most of the Western Zhou jade carvings are seen with mastery workmanship and streamline curves which are greatly appreciated by connoisseur collectors.

Jade deer,L.4.5cm,H.6.8cm, 25grams

Western Zhou Dynasty Jade Carving Style

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