Xia Dynasty Zhangs(夏代玉璋)-Ancient Chinese Ritual Jades

璋一般由援(鋒刃),欄(作成扉牙狀的繩索系痕部分),內(木柄鑲裝部分)組成。 器物形態當源自、鉞、一類兵器。 璋為中國古代禮器六器之一最早見於夏代二裡頭文化遺址。夏代牙璋(七峰)L.51cm, W.12cm,雙向鑽孔,上端為七個尖峰,中下方兩邊各有三組鋸齒,兩面各有兩行淺浮雕幾何紋,有明顯溶蝕孔及土沁.

Qijia Culture Jade Zhang齊家文化玉璋

004gYC9szy6Kuxi33Vh53齊家文化玉璋, L. 18cm,125gramsCarved with translucent jade with yellow tone, this jade zhang is seen sharp blade with two different length points. Near the handle is seen three notches on each side with an one directional drilling hole located at the center between the two sides. Antiquity evidences include cleaving veins,dissolved pits and deteriorate marking.

Appraisal Indexes:
1. quality of jade: 9
2. rareness: 9
3. historical and cultural significance: 8
4. workmanship: 10
5. size:8
6. condition: 9

Qijia Cultural Jade Zhang, L.35cm,W. 7cm, T.0.5cm, 250grams

vvZhang is one of the six ritual jades in Chinese jade culture. Carved with green tone jade, this Qijia Cultural jade zhang has a tang with sixty degree angle at one end of the bottom. The flange (lan) has a one directional drilling hole, both side of the flange  has two set of notched, each set has three notches facing each side. The blade is seen narrow waist with wide front end having two sharp point on each side.  The overall design is gracefully carved and polish. The zhang has splendid streamline curves. Antiquity evidences include differential weathering, cleaving vein and exposed crystals.

Appraisal Indexes:

  1. quality of jade: 8
  2. rareness: 8
  3. historical and cultural significance: 9
  4. workmanship: 10
  5. size:7
  6. condition: 10