Warring States Jade Bi, Ring & Cong of Similar Motif and Carving Style, 圖騰及刀工相似的戰國玉璧, 玉瑗與玉琮



still_2017-12-31_103016_60x_n0071頭部或首是動物身體上最重要的部位, 動物的識別往往從頭部確定, 因此, 中國古玉器經常以龍鳳等頭部為主要圖騰或紋飾, 也就不足為奇了. 本文的玉琮與玉瑗, 便是飾神面(牛首狀), 鳳鳥及龍的頭部, 淺浮雕刀法, 二者的形象十分雷同, 同樣具戰國風格. Heads which is the most importance part of animals is thus unique to identify the animal itself. In ancient Chinese jades, heads of dragon and phoenix are usually the common motifs. The motifs of the jade cong and jade ring here are an example. The shapes and carving style are similar and all carry the genre of Warring States.

戰國玉璧, Warring States Jade Bi, D.12cm本器白玉雕琢, 形制為三層玉璧, 最內層為三羊角所形成之三叉體, 其內涵為三羊開泰. 第二層及最外層為戰國特色之神面, 龍鳳, 如意紋淺浮雕. 古玉跡象主要為鈣化層. Carved with white jade, the object is a jade bi consisted of three layers. At the center is a structure of three heads of goats with the heads overlapped and the horns separate to signify the meaning of prosperous scene created by three suns( in Chinese: 三羊開泰). The two outer layers are decorated with low relief motifs of god’s face, dragon and phoenix. Withe mastery workmanship, the bi is well carved with antiquity evidence of calcification. Warring States of similar  motifs and carving style are shown here to compare.

玉瑗, D.15cm, T.2cm, 920grams. 本器灰白玉雕琢, 玉瑗雙面對稱, 表面呈中央凸起, 紋飾區分為四等分, 飾神面, 龍, 鳳, 如意雲紋淺浮雕,刀工流暢剛勁有力, 古玉跡象為擴散暈沁色, 冰裂紋. Carved with grey white tone jade, this ring is symmetrical for both sides in terms of contour and motifs which are divided into four sections. Low relief carving of god’s face, dragon, phoenix and auspicious clouds are integrated for each section. With mastery workmanship, this ring has antiquity evidences of cleaving vein and diffusive markings.Still_2018-02-06_015203_60X_N0125

戰國鳳首神面紋玉琮, 鳳首及神面均以如意雲紋構成, 線條婉約優雅, 分佈均勻, 疏密得宜.本玉琮系由頂級的羊脂白玉琢成, 白色的寶石光芒四射.Carved with white fine quality jade, this jade cong has low relief of God’s face, phoenix head and auspicious cloud. Master workmanship carving is shown.

Proverb: Opportunity seldom knocks twice at any man’s door (English).

夏代玉瑗, Xia Dynasty Jade Ring, D. 9.8cm, 75grams

夏代玉瑗 D. 9.8cm, 75grams。本器以青玉雕琢成玉瑗狀,玉瑗有两个对称的蝌蚪紋设计,两边各有三个淺浮雕蝌蚪的图案。蝌蚪是青蛙的最初型态,而青蛙被认为是夏代的图腾, 因此本器为夏代玉器之证据确。Carved with pale green tone jade, the ring has a symmetrical design on both sides with motif of six low relief  toads. Toad is the first stage of frog which is believed a typical motif of Xia Dynasty. The turquoise frogs shown here  are unearthed from the Er-li Tou site of  Xia Dynasty. 



Appraisal Indexes:

  1. quality of jade: 7
  2. rareness: 9
  3. historical and cultural significance: 9
  4. workmanship: 7
  5. size: 3
  6. condition: 10

Proverb: Old friends and old wine are best (English).

Qing Dynasty Jadeite Ring 清翠玉板指 D.3.5cm

jadering2Qing Dynasty Jadeite Ring, Diameter 3.5cm, H. 2.2cm4eecc770g5d4bfe53d201

Carved with green tone jadeite, the ring which is the object wearing on the right thumb when pulling the string of bow has low relief auspicious motifs of fish, lotus leaf and yu-i. That the ring in later time most often used as an object of evidences of marriage and engagement may be derived the significance of the holding of the bow to imply the bond together between man and woman.

Appraisal Indexes:

  1. quality of jade: 10
  2. rareness: 8
  3. historical and cultural significance: 8
  4. workmanship: 10
  5. size:5
  6. condition: 10

古代玉扳指是由「韘」演變而來的。 《說文解字》雲:「韘射決也所以拘弦。